Matteo Martini

I was born in Milan in 1964 in an art family. My professional training began in 1983 in a prestigious graphic studio in Milan, where I gathered the traditional and artisanal techniques of graphics. With the arrival of the first computers, I began to approach the world of publishing. Thanks to collaborations and exchange of topics and ideas to face a new way of working, I began to know the world of thematic publishing (from tourism to architecture) and I introduced myself to the graphic design of new editorial products. Cooperation with designers and companies from heterogeneous sectors enhanced my learning curiosity.

In the nineties I started a long partnership with a consulting, marketing and communication agency in the IT sector, where I started designing websites for companies that dealt with spreading tools for digital communication. In 2000 I coordinated a working group in the field of web design and implementation within a multinational consulting company. Later I rediscovered the pleasure of drawing, painting, to write an intimate language with signs.

I dedicated myself to engraving and began to experiment with the various techniques in a very cosmopolitan artistic typography in Milan, the fulcrum of fervent exchanges, opinions and fun.


From 2017 I am collaborating with a theatre company, designing posters for several  Art’s Commedy festivals. I participate in a Civil Theatre workshop that allows me to learn another instrument of expression.


Currently I produce paintings of handmade small and large formats on paper, using nib ink, which sometimes underlines and other erases, builds a flow of visual writing that conveys the small in the big and vice versa. Various projects are in progress for personal exhibitions in Italy and abroad.


1990 third prize for graphic design for the poster of the 990 ° Valle d'Aosta craft fair " Foire de Saint Ours ."


1993 For Armando Testa MilanoMonograph international 1st Prize graphics New York festival , International Print Media Competition.


 2000 Creates an interactive multimedia game for Cisco Systems, Ciscoland "

Journey to the discovery of networks" that wins Premio Mario Bellavista

" Targa Oro 2000 for the Advertising Communication "


2008 installation " Nest books " at an antiquarian bookshop in Orta San Giulio .


2009 he exhibited in the space " Il ciliegio" Portraits .


2009 he exhibited at the Library " La Cicala " Merate , Portraits .


2009 he won the prize for best literary blog of the year award


2010 he participated in a group show at Gallery Cardano of Pavia


2010 he collaborates for Edizioni Pulcino Elefante for a tribute to GB Bodoni


2011 he exhibited at the local " Le Scimmie" of Mlano , Portraits of the waterway .


2011 the story is published art book " Lie Detector " , edited by Daniele Upiglio where his story is played by six artists . Presented at the Steam Factory from DOCVA in Milan and Venice from the foundation Bevilacqua .


2013 he participates in a demonstration of the House of Poetry in Milan .


2013 "Lomellina on my mind"

exposes a long canvas of 20 meters x 40 cm depicting the landscapes of Lombard lomellina Celpenchio -Milan


2014 Cassero -Castel San Pietro Terme

participates in a group exhibition


2015 "Un-defined borders" Officina Coviello Milan


2016 "Un-defined borders" Lab Store L.UN.A. Bologna


2016 "Un-defined borders" Castel San Pietro Terme (BO)


2016" Spazio Officina, Chiasso (Svizzera)


Percorsi della creatività dal novecento al nuovo millennio


2016" Polimorfismo geografico Spazio b Palazzo Sanseverino Vigevano





Un progetto multimediale aperto che indaga la forma della semisfera cava come struttura simbolica primaria della vita umana a livello biologico, cosmologico, sociologico e storico.



"Contorni" Baraldi Bologna



"Artisti di passaggio" Spaziob Vigevano

"Frutti proibiti" Officina Coviello Milano




Graphic design



G&R Associati


Teatro alla Scala di Milano


Armando Testa


Studio Baccari


GB progetti


L’Uomo Vogue








Qui Touring








Dearstep- Cap Gemini & Ernst Young


Mediabox srl


L.UN.A. Libera Università delle Arti


Lab Store


Centro Ricerche Luna




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